Ken Crump Writes


Writers Write you don't have to

When you need web copy, blog posts or articles from a technical writer with a strong veterinary medical / science background, I can help.  I distill complex concepts into easy-to-understand, engaging copy.  To sample the flavor of my technical writing, visit Making Anesthesia Easier.

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Areas of study and expertise:

  • Writing
  • Consumer-friendly Biographical Sketches of veterinary and biomedical professionals
    • Doctors
    • Researchers
    • Academicians
  • Veterinary Anesthesia
  • Veterinary Oncology
  • Complementary / Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM)
    • Acupuncture
    • Homeopathy
    • Flower Essence Therapy
    • Reiki

Areas of interest:

  • Fly Fishing
    • Rod building
    • Fly tying
    • Trout fishing
  • Cycling
    • Road
    • Touring
  • Camping / Backpacking
  • Traditional Archery
  • Metal Work
    • Silversmith
    • Knife making
  • Guitar
  • Cooking
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